Prepare For The Moving Day With 10 Easy Tips!

Knowing that moves are stressful and unpleasant is not something new. It is something we get to hear every other day. But it shouldn’t be a parameter for any of us, especially when we are thinking of relocating. Don’t you think? So, to ensure just that and to make your forthcoming Mumbai to Coimbatore move worthwhile and pleasant, book the packers and movers in Mumbai and check out the tips that we have put in below to take care of not just the pre-move duration but also streamline the most awaited day of relocation – the moving day in the best possible way.
So, here you go!

• Ensure everything is ready around you – Do not keep anything pending – neither the packing tasks nor the basics you will need right after getting up in the morning on a moving day. There should not be any time loss on the final day. So, make sure you keep the essentials close – like the clothes you will wear for the move, and the personal add-ons like the watch, comb, mobile, wallet, etc. you will have with you. Ensure everyone in the family takes care of the same. • Wake up early regardless of move time – The moving day is already filled with anxiety and to ensure everything works out pretty well, people tend to get up early for the move, and just like that, you should too! Even if you have a delayed moving schedule, you must get up early so you have more hours to prepare for the miscellaneous, impromptu tasks you will encounter no matter how much you try not to encounter any of them. • Keep a smart move checklist with you – You must have a pro checklist ready ahead of the moving day so that you know where you need to refer to, to have a final inspection of the things and the tasks. You should be done with all the highlighted tasks from the list. Even if you are left with any of the chores, make sure those are the smaller, last-minute jobs lying open around you. Keep this checklist with you all the time. • Leave no pending tasks for the final day – The final day is already packed up and chaotic. It is accumulated with stress, rush, and whatnot. So, as we mentioned above, make sure there are absolutely no major tasks lying open on a moving day, else you will end up stressing yourself more for no reason. Just close all the pre-move tasks before the move itself because that is how they are to be done and have a comfortable move. • Fill in your tummy with wholesome food – No matter how crammed you are with your final day inspections and last-minute jobs, you must never leave the house empty stomach. Plan your moving day meals so you can get up and quickly prepare them on a moving day. Getting food ordered is also fine especially if you are not willing to indulge in any kind of kitchen activity and stuff but make sure you do not consume junk and fried food. • Have the distinctive moving boxes aside – All the moving boxes containing bedding supplies, bathroom essentials, clothing, and toiletries that you prepared for the move should be given needful care. Along with this, if you have set aside boxes of fragile goods, treasures, and sensitive objects to be loaded last and unloaded first, keep track of them when the movers are dealing with them. Ensure every moving box and especially the important ones, as we mentioned bear correct labels with brief info and handling instructions. • Collect and carry sufficient cash with you – Relocations are expensive and it is not just the moving cost, insurance cost, handling cost, etc. that is there but all the unplanned expenses that often show up in the middle of the journey that makes it challenging. All of this takes a toll on you when you realize you are not carrying enough cash. So, make sure you never encounter a cash deficit in the process. Calculate the expenses you will need to incur during the move, a few days before the move so you are clear in your mind how much cash you have with you! • Coordinate smartly with the move experts – On the final day, the moving experts will come to your place to do a final round of inspection of your goods and to see if everything is packed well. Their team will disperse in the different rooms and places to facilitate the goods transition process from your house to the moving truck. At that point, just be there with them to see if everything is going at the right place and every carton is diligently getting loaded within the truck. • Do a last-minute check of the belongings – If you have decided to pack and move your precious possessions with you in your handbag or you have chosen to keep the moving cartons containing exquisite belongings, fragile objects, décor items, etc. with you in your car, just look over for the last time to see if each one of those is well packed and there are correct labels attached to them. Double-checking/inspecting things are primal to ensure nothing is left-back or lost during the process. • Oversee the loading and packing of the truck – Not just your basic household goods but the big and bulky appliances, the massive articles of furniture shall also be packed inside the moving truck. Although the professional movers will do it in the best way possible, by utilizing the best handling technique you must guide them with their arrangement if you want your packages to be arranged a certain way. Like, if you want certain items to be kept at the back, let the movers know. If you want some of the cartons to be kept at the front for quick retrieval, tell them that too!

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