Promote Your Network Marketing Business Online

You have probably heard a lot lately about how to promote your network marketing business online. The writing on the wall seems so clear since so many businesses are turning toward the Internet for marketing purposes. Is this just a passing fancy or is the use of the Web’s technology here to stay? In this article, I will show that the Internet provides six key advantages compared to marketing the old-fashioned way (magazines, newspaper, TV, radio, one-to-one, buying leads, etc.)

Number one: Attracting customers vs. chasing down customers

The old-school methods of finding a new customer or distributor for your network marketing company involved making a list of your warm market-friends, family and business associates-and then “pitching” your business on them. This was usually done belly-to-belly and did not benefit from any of the technology available today. The old rule was anyone within three feet of you was a prospect. In fact, this was not a very effective way to “attract” the right prospect. Traditional businesses have used methods to attract targeted traffic-such as well-constructed ads. You need to start marketing like traditional businesses have always done. The good news is that there are many other effective ways to attract your targeted market than just paid advertising.

Number two: Attract qualified leads

Many newcomers to network marketing will put together that warm list and hope it leads to their business building. Some will get lucky with just the right person in that list that will in turn have a huge targeted list or be a super recruiter and be able to run fast with building. Most people will not be so lucky. Then, once they run through their warm list, what do they do now? This is your business! You need to be more discriminating as to who you want to be on your team. You don’t want anyone who can “fog a mirror.” You want the very best team members to accomplish your and your team’s business goals. You must get better qualified prospects. One good way to do this (scientifically) is to actually decide who your target market is and then be able to attract that audience to you. That’s attraction marketing. With these laser-targeted prospects, you will have a better chance of building a successful and lasting business. This process can be automated as you continue to promote your network marketing business online.

Number three: Use leverage when you prospect

One of the main benefits touted by the network marketing industry is the leveraged income that can develop as you build a team. If you work by yourself, you have very little leverage. But like any business, you can grow faster and bigger if you employ leverage-either other people’s money (bank’s) or other people’s time (employees). In the case of network marketing, we leverage a team. It’s the best of both worlds: you are an independent distributor responsible primarily only for your own action, but you can also benefit by build a team of distributors. What’s generally not taught in the old-school of network marketing is how to START with leverage in the recruiting process. They would teach you to talk to one person at a time, whether they are targeted or not. That is not leverage! With the power of the Internet and social media, you can start off your business with leverage and build it bigger and faster. Now that makes a lot of sense, especially since network marketers talk so fondly of leverage.

Number four: build your business beyond your backyard

Again, with traditional methods, you would build local and have hotel meetings for your downline. That’s all well and good and should be done even today. But what about the fact that with the Internet, the whole world can be your “backyard?” Well, okay, maybe your company in not open for business in the whole world, but at least throughout your country. That’s still a lot bigger than your own town. The key is to learn how to use the social media platforms to build relationships with people worldwide. Offer value to these contacts and you will make friends and build connections.

Number five: build your business on budget

Most small business owners start part-time, which means they don’t have a lot of time or money. If you decide to fly all over the continent to support your new team member or drive 500 miles to participate in an Expo, you will be spending more money than you are making. Having a clear marketing budget is critical for network marketers, primarily because they are inexperienced and will make mistakes. Most will not start making the big bucks they dream about. You have to be realistic and you have to be patient. The Internet allows you to reach out globally to a huge audience if you learn how-on a budget. In fact, many of the marketing techniques employed by Internet marketers are free. But they do require you time and planning. So, they are really not free after all.

Number six: spice up your primary income source with multiple streams of income

A smart business owner knows that capital is required to start their new venture. Small business owners who don’t have deep pockets of capital must find alternative ways of funding their operations until their business starts to produce sufficient cash flow. The same is true for network marketers. The starry-eyed newbie starts their new network marketing company blissfully thinking the money will start rolling in. After a couple months go by, they may be thinking “show me the money.” After a few more months go by they may be thinking of throwing in the towel. This doesn’t have to happen if they are taught to introduce a “retail product” upfront in their online marketing model to generate at least some cash flow while they build out their distribution.

There are many pieces of this online marketing puzzle. Like a finely tuned machine, if one piece is missing or mis-firing, the whole thing may fail. One challenge for most people is cutting though the clutter of offers that profess to teach you how to promote your network marketing business. The bad news is that no one system will instantly cure your problems. To be successful with online marketing, you must be willing to learn how to put together your own unique marketing plan called a sales funnel. It must inject clarity into your every action so that you know exactly what to do everyday and at the same time guide you to be laser focused working only with the tools that are part of YOUR plant. You will be successful once you reach this level of clarity.

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