Social Network Profile Set-up & Management

Where’s Your Client’s Profile? If They’re Not Online, They’re Losing Business
The Social Media revolution cannot be dismissed as another passing fancy, but is increasingly regarded as the new way people are communicating, doing business and prospering. With a staggering 75% of internet users involved in social networking in 2008, society will only see another sweeping increase in 2009 as the challenged economy demands new ways of marketing. Businesses are quickly learning they need to hang out where their customers are, which is online, and Web 2.0 has forever changed the way they connect to their target audience.  

With growing respect as an essential marketing tool for businesses, 2009 trends predict larger corporations and non-profit organizations will join the ranks with small businesses and entrepreneurs with Social Network profiles. With our changing economy and savvy users, it’s become an essential marketing practice to establish a strong presence online in Social Networks with effective and appealing profiles.      

A Big Service Demand in 2009 – Virtual Professionals Handling Social Networks
Social Network Profile Set-up & Management is exploding as a much-needed service by Virtual Assistants, and more professionals are training to meet the demand for their clients. As a critical component of Social Media Marketing, this specialized niche skill is of increasing importance in 2009. With staggering opportunity for networking and promotion online, businesses are scrambling to find help with navigating through the maze of Social Networks to establish a presence, such as on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other niche Social Networks in their industry.  

What’s in a Social Network Profile? The Set-up…
As the building block for an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy, establishing your client’s professional image online in any Social Network is a hot niche service in itself for your Virtual Professional business. Providing a Social Media Profile Set-up service for your client ensures them hot real estate property in the world of Web 2.0, and sets the foundation for an interactive platform with their target audience. Utilizing the full potential of each network’s features, and making the most of what’s available for effective presentation is the added value you bring. Profile Set-up on Social Networks includes uploading your client’s logo and professional photo, presenting their industry expertise, education and skills, embedding videos, and links to their website, blog and other social networks.  

Now What? Social Network Profile Management…
More than just an online resume for your client, Profile Management is an interactive and creative service that allows Virtual Assistants to help clients build awareness of their product and service, and establish credibility in their industry. For clients who are just too busy to manage their own Social Network Profiles, an increasing number of Virtual Professionals provide this ongoing service of moderating and facilitating their client’s Profile activity.    Social Media is about social engagement, which includes:

  • participating in your client’s social networks;
  • moderating forums and contributing to discussions; 
  • regular content submission: blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos;
  • researching industry-related events or groups;
  • adding new applications to social networks for additional Profile features.

This rather new, but much-needed service of effective Profile Management for busy clients holds much potential and room for creativity, with the Virtual Professional handling the role of either a consultant, company representative, or facilitator.  

Providing the Value-Added Service of Profile Set-up & Management
Guiding the process for your client, or facilitating the Profile Set-up and Management in key Social Networks is one of the hottest services in demand right now. Effective Profile Set-up and Management will lead directly to increased web traffic for your client, through meaningful interaction with targeted audiences, link building, SEO, business affiliations and industry authority. This crucial aspect of a Social Media Marketing campaign for businesses is in such demand, that there are not enough Virtual Assistants to fill this role for businesses that are losing out by not getting involved in Web 2.0.  

Are you ready to take your Virtual Professional business to the next level with this specialized niche service?  

Learning the Specialized Skill of Social Network Profile Set-up & Management
The time is now for adding Social Network Profile Set-up and Management to your Virtual Business services! Get a jump on the demand for this service, for not only attracting new clients, but assisting existing clients with this much-needed skill set in today’s marketplace.  You’ll have the satisfaction of bringing businesses into the exciting world of Web 2.0.  

Make 2009 a prosperous year for your Virtual Business, by helping other businesses gets online! 

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