Which Is More Affordable – Search Engine Marketing or PPC Advertising?

Well a lot of people prioritize affordability, be it on Search Engine marketing or PPC advertising. It could be the affordability of the marketing tools used, the effort which is involved in comparison to the results obtainable from the two above mentioned strategies. In this article we are going to take a closer look and analyse both search engine marketing and Pay Per Click advertising.The majority of online marketers believe that search engine marketing is really cheap, especially considering the fact that if done properly, it has the potential of giving one a lot of free traffic. To a certain extent, i also believe that it is really true. If one gets his/her website on the first page of Google and or Yahoo [which is said to have been overtaken by Bing], then one can truly forget engaging in Pay Per Click marketing.For a moment, let us take a look at a synopsis of the process of search engine marketing to see if it is really that low cost. Firstly, you have to do a thorough research of the various keywords which users use to search for your product or service. For this, you can use a lot of free keyword research tools available on the net, the most popular being the Google keyword tool. Thus far no money has been spent. However, perfectionist marketers always go a step further to invest in some expensive search engine marketing tools which tend to give them a thorough analysis of the various keyword phrases customers have used over a longer period of time. Most free tools will only give you one month results. After spending so much money, usually your site might not make it to the first page of Google. In other words, not only money has been spent, but time and effort as well.The next step could be building a well optimised, content rich website. This process is rarely an overnight job. You have to burn the midnight oil to get it right. Once the website is up and running, you have to go through another long process of link building so that your site can be crawled, indexed and ranked high by the search engines. Depending on your niche, this might mean building a couple of hundreds or even thousands of the best quality links pointing back to your site. 100 articles and 100 blog comments might not even take your site to page 5 of Google, let alone the time it might take for the site to be indexed [ in some cases 6 months ]. Would we be wrong to say that during this tiring process of search engine marketing, you are not making money, and you are also losing money if we are to compare you to another marketer who sets up a site in 3 days and start advertising using pay-per-click advertising?Even so, most people would have invested in high cost search engine marketing tools which promises them that the site will be on the first page of Google within a certain period of time. The cost might range from a couple of hundreds to a few thousands of dollars. Is this really affordable and worth the effort?On three different occasions we used three different search engine marketing tools with such guarantees. Two of them delivered, the other one failed to live to its promises. With the other one, our site was on the first page of Google within 3weeks. It stayed there for 3 weeks, that was it and it was moved to page 6 after that. When we contacted the company, they told us to invest $29, 99 so that we would get a thousand more back links.HOW AFFORDABLE IS PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING?Roughly, the process of paid advertising involves setting up a website, keyword research and advertising. Please note that there are other small steps involved in between but they are not all that time consuming. One good thing about pay-per-click advertising is that even if your site is not well optimized and does not rank high on any search engine, you still get traffic because you are paying for it. Depending on how good and enticing your adverts are, you are even more likely to receive targeted traffic.You can invest in some affordable PPC marketing tools with most of them going for less than hundred dollars and in some cases as low as twenty dollars. Besides spending money on PPC keyword optimization tools and tracking softwares [which are again low-cost], you need to come up with a budget so as to compete in the bidding game. In some cases, you may pay 5 cents per click or even 5 dollars depending on how competitive your niche is.If you pay 5 dollars per click and say you need at least 100 clicks to get one sale, that means a single sale will roughly cost you five hundred dollars. If you are selling a product which costs $300, you are definitely running a lose. On the other hand, if your product costs $300 and you are paying 5 cents per click, you may spend $50 to get a sale thereby making a profit of approximately two hundred and fifty dollars. Forgive me if my maths is wrong, i studied the subject for 11 years and never passed [lol].A SYNOPSISIn conclusion, one can safely say that the affordability of these marketing strategies is disputable. If you hire a search engine optimization consultant, invest in the necessary search engine marketing tools, then you are spending money which might bring you sales over a period of say two weeks. The process of building a well optimized, good ranking site takes. Link building strategies could take time and TIME IS MONEY. However, once achieved, the fruits would be ripe and delicious. When you build the links you are also marketing your business which is really worth it.On the other hand, with pay-per-click advertising, you can start making money ‘as soon as the site is up and running’. If you are selling high value products which are really on demand, this might be the best way to go whilst you slowly implement search engine marketing. However if you are selling a product which costs less than less than $50 and you need to spend more than that amount to get a sale then forget it and stick to search engine marketing. Both ways are affordable depending on your niche, type of product, but search engine marketing seems to have more advantages.

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